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Silver Polishing spray with long-lasting protection 40ml.

Product Code : CL-05
Metal : for silver and Gold
Gemstone : Nill
Finish : Nill
Style : Nill
Weight : 75 gram
Retail Value :
$ 96.75
Our Price :
$ 75
You Save : 22%
Available Quantity : 55

Silver Polishing spray with long-lasting protection
Silver Polishing Spray is fast and easy way to polish and bring the shine back to your precious metal. By one spray, your precious metal will be well-polished and coated Anti-Tarnish for longer shining and protecting against tarnish. It is ideal for Gold, Pink Gold, White Gold or any precious metal which could have tarnish problem.
How to use
1. Shake the bottle well.
2. Spray onto the jewelry / wait for 10-20 minutes.
3. Polish with a soft cloth.

PS: This Polishing Spray is contained with powder which when it is wiped on surface will get black. This powder could also bring the black stain at your finger or skin as well.
The Type of powder that we selected is natural and non-harmful with human skin. So after using this product, please wash your hand with soap or detergent.


  • This Silver Polishing Spray is created for using with any type of soft clean cloth.
  • In case of wearing or containing food, rinse the item with water or clean with normal detergent afterward.
  • For thoroughly cleanse of Silver Jewelry, Please use Silver Cleanser Instant Dip

  • Recommendation
  • For the pearls decorated jewelry, please avoid directly brushing on pearl.
  • According to this product is liquid, please avoid using it water solute-able fixing jewelry, Porous stones, non-water resistant watches and leather strip watches.

  • Cleaning Tips
    Spray thoroughly your jewelry with Silver polishing Spray, your value jewelry will be given all-over protection against tarnishing

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