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Silver Polishing Cream with Sponges for gently wipe 100 ml.

Product Code : CL-04
Metal : for Sterling Silver
Gemstone : Nill
Finish : Nill
Style : Nill
Weight : 110 gram
Retail Value :
$ 143
Our Price :
$ 110
You Save : 23%
Available Quantity : 55
Silver Polishing Cream

Creamy silver polish is ideal for removing tarnishing on your silverware, silver cutlery and silver decorations, etc.By delicate cream, you can bring back the white glazed silverware, even it has been heavily tarnished.This silver cleaner comes with sponges for gently wipe, and creamy cleaning agent, included with anti-tarnish coating for keeping your silver have a shiny look for months!

Cleaning Tips!!

For the patterned silverware, you may clean its perforated design with brush.As another option in taking care of your silverware, you may easily clean it with Silver and Gold polishing Cloth.

How to use Silver Polishing Cream

1. Apply polishing cream throughout your silverware and gently wipe

2. Rinse through general tap water

3. Burnish your silverware by soft clean cloth

4. For containing food, you may follow with normal detergent

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