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Jewelry Cleaning Instant Dip for Sterling Silver 70 ml.

Product Code : CL-03
Metal : for Sterling Silver
Gemstone : Nill
Finish : Nill
Style : Nill
Weight : 110 gram
Retail Value :
$ 141.9
Our Price :
$ 110
You Save : 22%
Available Quantity : 55
Jewelry Cleaning Instant Dip

Jewelry cleaner is ideal for bring sparkle back to your precious jewelry, gold, platinum, diamond, gems and precious stones.

This delicate solution is safe for pearls and semi-precious stones. It is also suitable for expensive watches and costume jewelry.

Jewelry cleaner instant dip contains with safety cleaner agent and dipping basket for easy to use.

Cleaning Tips!!

If you want to clean your expensive watches, make sure that it is either water resistant or water proof watch then follow these steps..
1 Dip the chain of watch and bring it up
2 Brush throughout your watch then rinse by general water
3 Make it dry by soft clean cloth or tissue
For non-water prove watches or leather strap watches, WKM's Silver and Gold polishing cloth is ideal for bring them brand new!!

How to use Jewelry Cleaning instant dip

1. Dip your jewelry into cleaner by using dipping basket and leave it to soak about 1 minute

2. Gently brush your jewelry

3. Rinse by general tap water and dry it with soft clean cloth or tissue

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