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Silver & Gold Polishing Cloth with Lasting Shine 22 x 32 cms.

Product Code : CL-01
Metal : for silver and Gold
Gemstone : Nill
Finish : Nill
Style : Nill
Weight : 30 gram
Retail Value :
$ 38.7
Our Price :
$ 30
You Save : 22%
Available Quantity : 55
Silver & Gold Polishing Cloth with Lasting Shine

This polishing cloth is the fast and easy way to care for your precious silver jewelry and gold jewelry. By one cloth, you can remove tarnish and coat anti-tarnish to make your jewelry has lasting shine.

Silver&Gold Polishing Cloth is made from 100% cotton impregnated with cleaner agent and anti-tarnish. This cloth remains effective as long as it is not washed.

Our cloth is ideal for: Antique silver or colored silver, Silver with soft stones; pearls, coral or turquoise , water solute-able fixing jewelry or non water resistant watches. Our polishing cloth comes into sizes:
Large Size : 22 x 32 cm

Cleaning Tips:
Polishing every part of your jewelry with Silver&Gold Polishing Cloth, your value jewelry will be given all-over protection against tarnishing!!

For polishing food containers and cutlery, you may follow with normal detergent and dry with soft clean cloth.

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