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Drop Shipping

ur Company Drop Shipping Program Details:
You can have jewelry drop shipped through us at No Extra Cost.
You can avail this drop shipping offer from http://www.mijewels.com/ and get the products of your choice drop shipped to any destination at no extra cost.

About Drop Shipping:
Drop shipping enable you to sell products through online action, websites, Home business, other ways of selling practice though internet. You collect payments upfront and then place orders with us to be shipped directly to your clients with "YOUR" name and address on the packages as sender. Your profit is the different of amount between selling price to your customers and the buying prices from us.

So, in other words, Drop shipping means:

- Inventory - You must have some inventory which depends on the amount that you want to invest in this business, but we will keep your inventory in our place and we ship to your customer on behalf of you.
- No Warehousing
- No shipping Charges
- No shipping Concerns
- Yes, you can save time and money
- 'YES' only big profit depends on your selling price and quantity.

The reason that you need Inventory: But you have to invest small amount for for your inventory which we can keep in our office and ship to your customer as per your instruction.
otherwise, sometime, we do not carry stock of the items that your customer order from you and it may cause some inconvenice in both side becasue of unavailablity of those item at the time of your customer order,
In addition to your profit, you will receive incentive of US$ 100 at completion of every $ 1000 worth of orders within end of each year.
We offer free drop shipping service with no signup fee. There is only a small per package fee for using us as your drop shipping company. Drop shipping is only for on-line orders only (no telephone drop ship orders allowed).
We ship all our order by International Air registered Mail from Bangkok, Thailand to world wide at standard shipping rate of $ 3 for the first item and 0.50 cent for each addtional item. we can ship any quantiy to anywhere in the world. No insurance. But,we can provide shipping confirmation and tracking number and you can track the parcel to most of courntris. Click here to find list of countries which have tracking facilities

The order exceed over $ 100, we offer "Free Shipping"
Delivery may take 1 to 3 week depends on destination and their postal service working system.
We can put your address as sender if you prefer.. The address used will be the address given by you or the address registered at the time of drop shipping registration.

Lost Parcel: As the parcel is not insured, we are not responsible if parcle has lost or stolen on transit. we can provide you Postal information, proof of shipping evidence and tracking number which you can track only limited countries.

Payment :

We prefer Western Union Money Transfer.

Recipient's Name : Pakjira Samlurlern
ID # : 3100100351704

If you want to pay by PayPal for by credit card, you must mention your customer shipping address at the time processing payment and send email confirmation of different address than account holder.

Drop Ship Silver Item Reservation and Pre-Purchase Systems:

This enhanced drop shipping service is optional and not required for basic drop shipping accounts.
One of the most important concerns of many drop shippers is item availability when they enter an order. We are introducing two new exciting drop shipping programs to address this very issue, the *STOCK* and *RESERVE* systems.
While we make every effort to keep all items in stock all the time we cannot guarantee that an item will be available for you for immediate shipment. The *STOCK* system allows you to pre-purchase items and have them available exclusively for you. The *RESERVE* system allows you to reserve a target level of inventory for your use for a 50% deposit of the item costs. We provide this service at free of cost.

Interested to know more about how you can benefit from our Drop Shipping program ?

Interested to know more about how you can benefit from our Drop Shipping program?
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